Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When I was in 4th grade...

I was the only kid in my class that wanted to be a housewife. All the other kids wanted to be the president, or a firefighter, etc but not me! And then I went to school for too many years of my life and accrued to many thousands of dollars of debt and now have to work a real job to pay off all those debts....

Anyhow, my point was: I don't have nearly enough time as I wish I did to work on these projects!!

Beaded Pullover: I made a lot of progress in a few days. It's been more than half done for some time but the beading process was a little more than I was expecting! And I've had some trouble trying not to dye my yarn with bead residue while pulling them through.

Rainy Day Gloves: Knitting complete and buttons bought! Just need to weave in all the little ends.

Can't wait to start my Mrs.Darcy pullover with this cute cranberry colored yarn I bought! :)