Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Traveling!

Been spending the last few days in San Diego, where it's brilliantly sunny and almost hot during the day but ever so chilly at night. Why must ocean-side cities always be like that? I'll be traveling up north to San Francisco in a couple days where it'll be the same deal again. I might try to hit up a wholesale yarn shop I've heard of around there....

Since I'm traveling, I'm limited to a few things to work on (which actually results in better productivity, haha!). I've been making good progress on a the pullover that I started just yesterday. I managed to walk to the harbor today and knit by the shore for a little while too. So many cute dogs were out today! Makes me want one :3

In a few days, when I get up to SanFran I'll get my dad's old Olympus SLR camera which I'm super excited for! I'll make sure to take put it to use and grab some nice pictures of christmas goodies and so on so forth. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ready for retirement...

I'm so ahead of schedule when it comes to getting ready for retirement!

I've started cross-stitching "The Perfect Patio". I don't know why I decided to pick this gigantic 10"x14" pattern as my first. It seems easy but boy is it easy to get lost in the pattern too.

I'm pretty sure I've already messed up a little bit. Haha. Well, we'll see where this goes!

Oh, I've also finished my second larger sized penguin shirt, and finished most of one Rainy Day glove - pictures to come soon! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

penguin shirt!

I'm a novice at sewing if anything, but here is my attempt at a penguin shirt :)

Made from two plain T-shirts, one black and one white. Cut out the fronts of both shirts and dyed the white front Sewed it onto the rest of the black shirt but gave it baseball styled sleeves to add to the penguin effect. The dye job could have been a lot better but hey, penguins aren't perfect either!

Given that this was actually a practice run I'm pretty excited about how well it turned out :)


I just finished my first pair of socks! I don't know why I picked an advanced pattern when I've never made socks before, but It turned out pretty well! Although I wish I wasn't so silly and used fingering sock yarn instead. That way I could actually wear them with shoes and not just as slipper socks at home. But this way they also keep me quite warm in this frigid weather!

Hurray for warm toesies!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pacman Inspired Ghosties

These little guys have the perfect little squiggly feet. These ghosties are small and like to float around.  Mine came out to be about 2 inches tall and a inch and a half wide. 

You will need yarn of white, black and whichever color ghostie you would like.  I used some leftover Red Heart yarn.  

Eyes can be glued or sewed on.

You will need an embroidery needle if you want to add a mouth.    

Ghostie body:
R1 - chain 6 in magic ring
R2 - 2 sc in each (12)
R3 - Sc1, 2sc in next st repeat 6 times (18)
R4 - Sc 2, 2sc in next st repeat 6 times (24)
R5-  Sc in all 24 st 
R6-11 repeat R5

crochet in the front loop only for the legs:
sc in first half loop, (sc, hdc, sc) in next, sc repeat this 8x

R12 in back loop of same row as legs- Sc 2, dec 1, repeat 6 times (18 sts)
R13- Sc 1, dec 1, repeat 6 times (12 sts)
Stuff firmly
R24- Sk 1 st, sc 1, repeat 6 times (6 sts)
Bind off, weave in loose end.

This is what the completed ghost should look like

Eyes were made by making a magic circle with black and then switch to white yarn and make 2 sc into the first 3 stitches.  Sew or glue onto body.

Hope you enjoyed the pattern!