Friday, October 16, 2015

DIY bath bombs

Tired of paying for overpriced bath bombs from retailers?
Try out these nifty DIY bath bombs!

Chubby hearts with rose petals:
Halloween inspired spider bombs:

Recipe is as below:

2 Parts Baking Soda
1 Part Powdered Citric Acid
1 Part Corn Starch
1 Part Epsom Salt

Note: If you can't find citric acid you can substitute with Cream of tatar but the bath bomb won't be fizzy as a result.  I happened to find my citric acid at a local Indian grocery store but you can find it on many sites online.

In addition you will need some sort of mold to form a shape (ice cube tray would work too), a spray bottle, mixing bowl, etc.

Mix all your dry ingredients together.  

Then the liquid portion is a bit more flexible.  You can use water, food coloring, witch hazel, melted coconut oil with some essential oils etc and using a spray bottle.  You won't need much at all.  Spray ONLY enough to get the mixture damp enough to hold a form.  As in when you pinch it, it holds the pinched shape.  If you spray too much you will prematurely activate the fizzling and then your bath bomb won't fizz when you use it.   This is especially important and I didn't notice this emphasized enough on the majority of the bath bomb recipes out there.  If you notice your mixture fizzing then you've sprayed too much water.  You can still put it in the molds (though they might continue to fizz and bubble out) and they will still work otherwise just without the fizzing.

Happy bath time everyone!

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