Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY eos deodorant.... flop

Have you all seen all those new DIY eos hacks lately? Pretty nifty huh?

One that recently caught my eye was the DIY eos deodorant.  I thought it'd be great to travel with since it would be in such a small container and the best part is that I found a recipe that only needs 3 ingredients that I already had. 

So the recipe I used calls for coconut oil, corn starch and baking soda.  Mix it up (2 parts coconut oil to 1 part corn starch and 1 part baking soda), pour it into your disassembled eos container, and pop it in the fridge and done!  It looked great when I took it out, however.... Don't ever take this out of the fridge!!!

Ok, now let me explain why I do NOT recommend this DIY.  Unless you live in a cold enough climate that the coconut oil is ALWAYS a solid I would NOT recommend having this item stored anywhere outside the refrigerator.  Given that it's a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit where I am, it didn't take long for the coconut oil to melt and leak out of my eos container creating a mess.  Good thing I hadn't packed this for my vacation just yet!  I popped it back in the fridge and this is what I have remaining, covered in a messy residue:  

No photos of the actual melted mess were taken due to the messy messy nature of it.

Really great concept, however, the coconut oil recipe just won't fly for a travel friendly product as temperatures are always in flux.  If you just want it to have around the house then it'd be great.  

I'm thinking it would have probably been an awesome DIY if beeswax was used instead of the coconut oil.  Maybe next time..... 

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