Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hello Kitty Apple 5c phone case

So I just bought this *adorable* phone case off eBay. I wasn't so sure how it would work and didn't find any info online so I figured I'd put this up in case anyone is interested.

I purchased mine in The color "Rose" (which I suspect is the top second in the stock photo above) and am using it with my pink iPhone 5c.  As you can see, this doesn't really match with the colors of the stock photo. If you look around you'll see varying shades depending on the vendor and stock photo used. 

I ordered mine hoping to match it closest with the color of my pink iPhone 5c. It's not a perfect match but I think it's pretty close.
The first question I had was about whether the buttons would work well giving the chunkier edges of the case. I can say it definitely works very well. No need to push hard.

There's also easy access to the headphone and charging ports. 

I also tried this with an iPhone 5S and it fits great and all the buttons work just as well. 

Now in regards to phone protection I probably would not want to drop your phone too many times in this (or any other case for that matter). The chunky nature of the case I think helps with buffering any damage. My only concern is that the case is not exactly snug tight on the phone.  But I have tried shaking it in my bag and dropping it on my bed and no issues with the case coming off. 

Definitely would recommend especially considering this cost me under 10$. It is *super* adorable and I really have no complaints.  Mine also came with a screen protector and waterproof ziplock case which I thought was quite thoughtful. Shipping did take about two weeks since it came from overseas. 

Overall, very please and definitely no regrets!

Update:  After having used this case for about a month I definitely have to report that the phone DOES slip out the edges of he case quite easily. Sometimes I will pull it out of my purse with a corner of my phone out of the case. It can also shift so that the case covers the lower portion of the back camera and blocking the view very slightly. It also has this very artificial smell that I've tried to wash out a few times. The smell has improved but is still present even a month later.

Given that the phone slips out of the shell I definitely wouldn't consider this the most protective case out there. However I'm still using it because it is stinking cute.  

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